Clean Rite Services

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Clean Rite takes every precaution to cover and protect all exposed items in work areas and upon completion of service, have entire work area as spotless as, if not more than, when we came in. Floors are mopped throughout the work area after every cleaning.

Clean Rite provides any service you may need in regards to pressure washing and hard floor maintenance. Our flexible and friendly crews will assist you in all your cleaning needs and give you valuable experienced based opinions and ideas.

Clean Rite is certified and clean to NFPA 96 standards. First hand knowledge of new technology and code changes are priority to providing our customers with quality and professional service.


Process of servicing by Clean Rite.

Each cleaning includes the following:

  • Filters
  • Fans, inside and out
  • Accessible Ducts from top to bottom
  • Fire Suppression Links, pipes and nozzles
  • Detailed Polish Of All Stainless Steel Exposures In The Hood Interior
  • Online Before and After Pictures and Detailed Maintenance Inspection Reports

Clean Rite takes every precaution to ensure our work areas are thoroughly protected. Our staff hangs plastic around the base of the hood and over all appliances so water, grease and debris extracted during the cleaning process are diverted to appropriate containers and drains. We guarantee your kitchen to be as clean, if not cleaner, as when we arrived. Fans are opened and cleaned on the inside and out, the rooftop directly surrounding the fan is cleaned and rinsed to ensure grease removed from the fans is not left on the roof. All accessible areas of the duct are cleaned from the roof down and from the hood up. Floors are scrubbed and mopped after every service.

Our trained technicians use 3,500 - 4,000 PSI, heated water machines. A powerful, chemical degreaser is used that is specifically formulated to degrease exhaust hoods, filters, ducts and fans and is safe on all hood systems materials.

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